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NUMOM Double Breastpump

Having a medium-duty breast pump has become important to all exclusive breastfeeding mommies. Numom Double Electric Breast Pump is shaped similarly like a round egg, and it comes with a night function. The night function work by having the pump to light up during the dark therefore mommies can pump conveniently in darkness. Besides, the sound it makes is bare minimum thus you can almost use it freely anywhere. Hassle-free! It also has a multifunction LCD display. Just with a gentle touch, you can switch to the modes that you want. It comes with 2 modes, stimulation and expression which has 9 adjustable levels. Are you searching for a no pain breast pump? Then, here it is! Numom’s pump suction make you feel like you are breastfeeding. We also added an extra feature of thermal sensor at the bottle in order to make your life easier. The colour indicator will be very helpful while preparing milk for your baby. Everything is in one item! So, let’s get your Numom Double Electric Breast Pump now!

“If we wear our nursing covers backwards like capes, then everyone can see we’re breastfeeding superheroes.” 


NUMOM has released the Double Electric Breast Pump, which featured all the features you love with some extras added that make your life easier. It is also very compact and can easily fit in your handbag.

Anti backflow spiral

Anti-backflow spiral design? We hear you! Yes. Numom is designed to make mommies enjoy the comfort while pumping. It’s safe and comfortable to use anywhere.

Intelligent memory

Does Numom breast pump has their own memory? Yes, it does. There is no longer the needs to change the setting whenever you want to use it again for the second time. It will remain the same as the last time you use it. Hassle-free!

Different sizes

Looking for a breast pump that comes with different size of flange? Numom has it here. Numom’s breast pump come with 2 different sizes for small size and large size. For small size, 24 mm with silicon and 26 mm without the silicon. As for the large size, it is 28 mm with the silicon and 30 without the silicon.