Baby Bottle Warmer



  • Baby milk warmer is an essential appliance for today.
  • Breast milk heated to 37 ℃ in just 5 -10 minutes
  • The best temperature for breast milk that is most suitable for baby to drink is 37 ℃.
  • Suitable for 95% of most baby bottles
  • 100 ℃ high temperature steam cycle disinfection



  • Multi-function 4 in 1 milk warmer
  • Keep warm, Sterilize, Heating, Thawing.
  • Double bottle design: Compatible with 95% of the milk bottles
  • Noiseless while working and soft night light design (40 DB )
  • Not only can warm milk bottle, but you can also warm milk storage bags (but not recommended because the chemical substance from plastic is easily degrade and dissolve in breast milk)
  • Evenly heat milk bottle, avoid local over heating or over cooling
  • 24-hour constant temperature, feeding baby at any time
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Preset temperature

◾ 35°C Food thawing
◾ 40°C Keep Warm – The optimum temperature for baby milk
◾ 70°C Heating – Warm up baby food


Product:Milk Bottles Warmer & Sterilizer ( Kills 99.9% Of Harmful Germs )
Material:PP, ABS


1 x Plastic scissor
1 x Brush big
1 x Brush small

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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